PNW (Jagwire LEX-SL) Dropper Post Cable Kit

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PNW (Jagwire LEX-SL) Dropper Post Cable Kit

Looking for a premium dropper cable kits? Look no further!

In collaboration with Jagwire, PNW created a custom housing kit featuring the PNW Components logo, while preserving the renowned quality of Jagwire's remarkable LEX-SL housing. The kit includes a slick-wire cable, meticulously engineered with a smooth surface to minimize friction. Additionally, the kit boasts sealed alloy cable ends, effectively shielding the cable from water and dirt to prevent corrosion. Elevate your dropper post experience with this exceptional dropper cable kit, delivering unrivalled performance and reliability.

Kit Includes:

  • Jagwire LEX-SL cable housing

  • Jagwire Slick-Wire cable

  • Jagwire sealed alloy cable ends

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