Berd Made in Minnesota Carbon Fat Bike Wheels (Limited Edition)

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Berd Made in Minnesota Carbon Fat Bike Wheels (Limited Edition)

⚠ Approximate lead time is 2 -4 weeks. All Berd wheels are build to order.


The new Limited Edition Made in Minnesota Carbon Fat Bike Wheels are among the highest performance fat bike wheels ever created. These wheels have the full custom treatment, featuring black Berd spokes, “Black Aura” Onyx Vesper hubs with an incredible color-shifting finish and HED rim logo decals that capture all the vibrancy of the Northern Lights.

Designed from the ground up by Berd, the Made in Minnesota Wheels were developed in collaboration with HED Cycling Products and Onyx Racing Products. The wheels feature HED's patented carbon fat bike rims and new Vesper Onyx Fat Bike hubs that are specially engineered to interface elegantly with Berd spokes.

Available in both Big Deal (26″) and Big Half Deal (27.5″), Made in Minnesota (limited edition) wheels utilize the same ribbed, single-wall design as fat bike wheels throughout HED’s lineup, which maximizes stiffness and minimizes rotational weight. These wheels are entirely tubeless compatible, featuring a tire bed that does not require rim tape. That’s right. No rim tape required.

The Onyx hubs feature ceramic hybrid bearings and Onyx's patented instant engagement freehub. 

Berd spokes weigh less than half the weight of steel spokes and provide 200% more vibration damping than steel spokes. HED, Onyx, and Berd have taken the lightest fat bike wheels in the world and made them lighter. The new Made in Minnesota wheels are built for speed.

Available with Centerlock disc brake hubs. If 6-bolt disc brakes are required, a Centerlock to 6-bolt adapter can be used. 

Technical Specifications:

Big Deal (26") Big Half Deal (27.5")
Wheelset Weight: 1,983 g 1,998 g
Internal Rim Width: 81 mm 76 mm
External Rim Width: 85 mm 85 mm
Rim Size: 26" 27.5"
Spoke Count: 32 (front & rear) 32 (front & rear)
Hub Model: Onyx Black Aura
Front: 15x150
Rear: 12x197
Onyx Black Aura
Front: 15x150
Rear: 12x197
Disc Brake Type: Centerlock Centerlock
Tire Compatibility: 3.8" Minimum
3.8" Minimum
Maximum Tire Pressure: 20 psi 20 psi



Berd spokes are made from an advanced polymer called ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) that has 12 times the strength-to-weight ratio of steel and floats on water. Berd spokes have an improved fatigue life compared to steel and are impervious to the elements.

Backed by Berd's 5-Year Limited Warranty