Bleed kit for Shimano hydraulic disc brakes (improved)

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Bleed kit for Shimano hydraulic disc brakesĀ (improved)

This improved simple bleed kit for Shimano brakes, includes everything you need bleed any Shimano mountain or road bike disc brakes. It now includes a much better ergonomic syringe with a hose lock ring.

Bleed kit includes:

  • Ergonomic bleed syringe with hose lock ring
  • Short and long hose
  • 4-piston calliper bleed block
  • 2-piston calliper bleed block
  • Funnel
  • Funnel plug
  • Shimano MTB Funnel adapter
  • Shimano Road/Gravel adapter
  • Hose clamp, secures hose to the bleed nipple
  • Hose clamp

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