Da Bomb Holy Shit 3.0 - double lock on grips

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Da Bomb Holy Shit 3.0 - double lock on grips

Da Bomb Holy Shit 3.0 double lock-on grips are the ultimate grips with perfect functionality and ergonomics. Half-flange blocks improve hand grip while the vertical pattern in the thumb area allows for easy and smooth shifter lever control. The knurled pattern on the top of the grip area provides the perfect amount of tackiness and is slip-proof even on the rainiest of days. 


  • Natural rubber compound with slip-proof patterns
  • Length:¬†135mm
  • Weight: 113g
  • Fits 22.2mm OD¬†handle bars
  • Includes double lock-on rings & rubber end plugs
  • Available colors: black, blue, orange, red, gum rubber, army green camo

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