Formula Disc Brake Rotor, Monolithic Center Lock - 180mm or 203mm

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Formula Disc Brake Rotor, Monolithic Center Lock - 180mm or 203mm

These newly designed Formula rotors combine all the "must have" features in one amazing package. Formula put in no less than 3 years of development into finding the optimal design. The result is a rotor with extremely high lateral rigidity, resistant to warping, even at very high braking temperatures. In addition, the new design prevents noise when braking, reduces vibration and wear on the brake pads.

Technical Specifications:

  • (CL) Center Lock 35mm spline-lock interface
  • 2-piece¬†Aluminium carrier
  • Disc mount:¬†Center Lock
  • Thickness: 1.8mm
  • Anti-Noise Design
  • Center Lock lockring sold separately
  • Diamater: 180mm or 203mm
    • Some variants may not appear in drop-down (if they're out of stock).
  • Compatible with Resin (organic) or Metal (sintered) pads
  • Weight: 203mm (228g), 180mm (194g)

Price is per rotor 

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