Magura MT5 HC Red 4-Piston Disc Brakes, front or rear

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Magura MT5 HC Red 4-Piston Disc Brakes, front or rear

No matter how difficult the trail, Magura's 4-piston technology and new brake lever ergonomics make for confidence inspiring performance package. The aluminium, HC 1-finger levers with adjustable reach are ergonomically perfect for your hands, allowing you to easily and accurately apply the braking power you need, even during long braking actions. The use of Carbotecture technology in the brake master cylinder keeps the MT5's weight down to a minimum and provides optimal braking performance.

The ergonomics of the short HC 1-finger aluminum lever mean that it can reliably deliver full braking power at the touch of just one finger. The feedback and experience of Danny MacAskill were key to the design and new ergonomics of the 12 mm shorter HC lever. Weighing no more than the standard 2-finger aluminum levers, the HC technology version radically improves ergonomic performance.


  • An evolution of the MT line, the MT5 Next lineage of brakes is the next generation of braking performance
  • Carbotecture Body which is a proprietary carbon weave that is nearly twice as strong as carbon laminates, aluminum or magnesium
  • Carbotecture radial design master-cylinder/lever with upgraded HC1 1-finger alloy lever blade with adjustable reach, flip/flop design, and EBT or Easy Bleed Technology port on reservoir
  • Double Arch forged 4 piston monoblock caliper design that features anti-heat, anti-drag and anti-squeal and magnetiX brake pad system for easy pad replacement
  • Full-hydraulic Magura Royal Blood mineral oil system with a 5-year leakproof warranty
  • Each brake includes flip/flop front or rear lever, 2000mm pre-bled hose, 74mm post-mount caliper, MC/lever, mounting¬†hardware, extra set of Olives & Barbs to shorten hose, and manual
  • Black with neon red caliper rings


Front/Rear: Front or Rear Rotor Size: Rotors NOT included
Color: Black/Red Type of Fluid: Mineral Oil
Hose Length: 2000mm Caliper Mount: Standard Post Mount
Pad ID: 40/41

Price is per brake, if you need a complete set (both front & rear brakes) you need to purchase two brakes.

Our thoughts:

Braking performance doesn’t have to be expensive. With the MT5 you save money and still get the performance you need. The 4-piston brake calliper forged in one piece has a high degree of rigidity, resulting in outstanding braking force and the best possible modulation.

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