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  • PNW The Coast Handlebar

    A few years back we started playing around with wider bars on our mountain bikes. Trendy? Yes. Beneficial? Absolutely. It wasn’t simply the idea to go big, but a deeper look at the geometry of a mountain biker. Through this, we discovered that wider bars had a few killer benefits: more stability, further control, and extra comfort.

    As PNW began designing the Coast Drop Bar, these lessons of the wide MTB bar intrigued them. Does a wider drop bar provide extra stability and control? Why yes, yes it does. And let’s chat comfort—the combination of a wider bar with a shorter stem and shallower drop provides ergonomic relief to the wrists and neck.

    These are bars that you can pump while sprinting, drop into while cruising, and handle the hoods with agility and ease. Now, shape and ergonomics aren’t the only important things—material is key. We opted for a 6061 alloy to control vibrations while remain light and nimble. Like a ski with a snappy core that pops and carves at the slightest intention, these bars use the unique dimensions and ideal material to give you playful freedom. Like any good burrito…width is important.  

    **For the full benefits we highly recommend pairing this bar with our Coast Stem. These were designed together for ideal ergonomics.


    • Width: 480mm, 520mm
      • Some variants may not appear in drop-down (if they're out of stock).
    • Color - Dual finish sandblast/polished black anodized
    • 65mm Reach - Works with shallow drop and exaggerated flare to make switching body position an ease
    • 105mm Drop - Shallow Drop for when aero isn't everything and comfort is
    • 20° Flare - Combo of shallow drop and 20° flare provides more wrist comfort while moving back and forth between grips and hoods
    • Weights:
      • 480mm - 346g
      • 520mm - 357g
    • Clamp Diameter: 31.8mm
    • Lifetime warranty!

    Ships FAST, from Canada!