Prologo Dimension NDR - 143mm

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Born to be off-road oriented, the Dimension NDR is a unisex multi-discipline seat able to ensure a more comfortable ride thanks to 3mm of extra padding across the entire surface of seat.

The round shape supports the natural pelvic rotation and improves seat contact. The snub-nose (35mm shorter than traditional saddles) spreads pressure more evenly, especially in aerodynamic & aggressive positions. Thanks to its wider PAS channel, it reduces the compression of soft tissues eliminating numbness and ensuring proper blood flow. Developed with the best male and female PRO teams, Prologo is #CLOSETOPEOPLE. The Prologo Dimension NDR guarantees absolute comfort and performance.

Rail: Pro STN 7mm (steel)
Dimensions: 245mm x 143mm
Weight: 280g
Color: Anthracite/Black

Note: This is a OEM part/product and DOES NOT come in retail box/packaging.