Shimano XTR BR-M9120 4-Piston Disc Brake Set, front & rear

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  • Shimano XTR BR-M9120 4-Piston Disc Brake Set, front & rear

    Shimano XTR Hydraulic Disc Brakes - BR-M9120 4-piston callipers and BL-M9120 levers, full set (front & rear). Brakes are assembled with hoses, are pre-bled & include your choice of N04A Metal ICE or N03A Resin ICE pads.

    Shimano's XTR M9120 callipers feature a MONO-BODY design which is machined from a single cold forged block to maximize rigidity which is then fitted with four ceramic pistons for immense stopping power. Paired with the enduro focused BL-M9120 levers with tool-free reach adjust and SHIMANO's new I-spec EV standard, the entire set continues to define the standard for mountain bike brakes.

    • Ultimate performance, response & brake modulation
      • High braking force with reduced input force at your fingertips. Very linear response, stroke, and 30% quicker response compared to previous generation M9000 brakes.
    • Increased braking power
      • 10% more braking power (vs. M9020)
        • 4 piston low-profile design
    • Banjo type connection
    • SERVOWAVE ACTION brake levers
      • Initial pad travel is fast enabling quicker contact with the rotor.
      • Power then increases rapidly, so more of the lever stroke is used to apply greater braking power with improved control.
      • Faster lever rebound for improved rider concentration
      • Updated lever shape
    • High rigidity
      • 8% stiffer than M9000 even under high temp conditions
    • Quicker brake engagement with shorter free stroke
    • Free stroke adjust allows for fine tuning of lever movement vs. initial pad contact point.
    • Easy, quick and clean installation and maintenance
      • One way and funnel bleeding utilizes a new, more convenient bleeding nipple position.


    Recommended brake rotors (not included): 
    (links open product page in new tab) 
    6-bolt rotors: SM-RT86
    CENTER LOCK rotors: RT-MT800 or RT-MT900
    Full compatibility list below.

    Each brake set includes:
    Two (2) BL-M9120 levers: 
    I-SPEC EV Clamp Band
    Included brake hose length: 
    800mm (front/left lever), 1450mm (rear/right lever)
    Hoses are pre-bled

    Two (2) BR-M9120 4-piston callipers: Banjo hose joint, Pad axle mount

    Pads: Resin ICE or Metal ICE
    Some variants may not appear in drop-down (if they're out of stock).

    Shimano BH90 Olive & Barb not included:
    If you need to shorten the hoses or run them inside your frame you'll likely need to purchase a few sets of the Shimano BH90 Olive & BarbYou should also consider the Bleed kit for Shimano brakes as well as our Hydraulic Disc Brake Hose Cut & Set Tool.

    Our thoughts:
    The ultimate brakes for serious riders and racers, they offer a no compromise blend of ultimate performance and light weight. XTR brakes have always been and always will be the gold standard in mountain bike braking.


    We recommend having a professional install your new disc brakes. Your friendly LBS can help!