Shimano SM-BH90-SB Hydraulic Disc Brake Hose - 1700mm - Straight/Banjo Connection

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Shimano SM-BH90-SB Hydraulic Disc Brake Hose, 1700mm, Straight/Banjo Connection. With one banjo fitting and one straight connection, the SHIMANO SM-BH90-SB is designed for use with the latest Shimano callipers and levers.

Please note there are two purchase options:

SM-BH90-SB (hose ONLY) includes:

  • 1x Straigh-Banjo hose only (1700mm)

SM-BH90-SB & Hardware Set includes:

  • 1x Straigh-Banjo hose (1700mm)
  • 1x Olive & Barb set (Y8JA98020)
  • 1x Banjo screw (Y2RV06000)
  • 2x O-Ring (Y8SY28000)
  • 1x Flare nut (Y8JA98010)
  • 1x Flare nut cover (Y1XJ16000)
  • 1x TL-BH61 brake hose clamps (Y8H198030)

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