SRAM Eagle AXS EC-AXS-ROCK-A1 Rocker Paddle

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SRAM Eagle AXS EC-AXS-ROCK-A1 Rocker Paddle

The newly redesigned Eagle AXS Rocker Paddle gives the rider a traditional, familiar interface for their cutting-edge electronic control. Effortless electronic shifting paired with a more traditional feeling actuation allows riders who are new to using AXS quick integration and provides another ergonomic option for those who have run AXS from the start. The controller’s functions are customizable through the AXS app, allowing you to assign any action to any button. With AXS you can truly make your cockpit your own.


  • Customize in-board and outboard shift options
  • AXS enabled components are able to be programmed and personalized using the SRAM AXS App.



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