Vee Tires Snap WCE

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Vee Tires Snap WCE

Built to excel in every trail condition and at the highest levels of competition, the Snap WCE is now available in a wider 2.5in casing for more grip and control on the ragged edge.

Snap WCE’s tread is designed with ramped knobs for high-speed rolling, and large vertical faces to bite under aggressive braking. The deep tread design and even spacing help to dig into mud and loose dirt and clear quickly for unstoppable all-weather grip.

Vee Tires used their malleable Top 40 rubber compound, a 42A Durometer measured rubber for the tread, built on top of a 52A rubber foundation producing a tire that digs into the trail to find every ounce of grip while resisting folding when thrown into corners.

Snap WCE built with the Gravity Core casing is their most durable downhill/endurotire. The Gravity Core construction consists of their Synthesis and Apex technologies for the ultimate sidewall and tread protection against punctures, strikes and slashes.


Vee Tires invented the soft rubber compound concept for mountain bikes and it’s now the most copied and imitated design technology in all of the bike tire industry. Their legendary TOP 40 uses a medium Durometer 40 low hard center section with ultra-grippy 42 low hard side blocks to create the perfect combination of speed and handling for downhill and enduro.