Ergon SMC Core Men Saddle

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Mountain biking can be incredibly comfortable with the revolutionary Ergon SMC Core Men Saddle, featuring CORE 3D® saddle technology. This innovative design features an ergonomic core that delivers unparalleled riding comfort and enjoyment, even on challenging off-road terrain.

Key Features:

  • Floating 3D Core: Absorbs all shocks, providing a smoother ride by cushioning impacts from rough terrain.
  • Support for Pelvic Movement: The saddle supports natural pelvic movement with every pedal stroke, enhancing comfort and efficiency.
  • Relief for Sensitive Areas: Specifically designed to relieve pressure on sensitive soft tissue, reducing discomfort and potential saddle sores.
  • Pain-Free Support Formula: Offers 'all-in-one comfort' for extended riding sessions, ensuring you can ride longer without discomfort.
  • Award-Winning Design: The 3D Core saddle technology has received three seals of approval for its back-saving benefits, underscoring its effectiveness and innovation.
  • Anatomically Tailored for Men: The SMC Core Men saddle is specifically designed to address the anatomical needs of male cyclists, making saddle problems a thing of the past.

Experience the ultimate in mountain biking comfort with the Ergon SMC Core Men saddle, and enjoy long rides without the pain and discomfort traditionally associated with off-road cycling.

Ergon SMC Core Sizes


  • Pressure-free surface
  • Certified back friendly
  • Prevents numbness 


  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 277mm
    • Width: 148mm (S/M), 161mm (M/L)
  • Use:
    • All-Mountain/Trail
    • MTB-Touring
  • Colors:
    • Stealth
  • Shell: Nylon Composite
  • Rail: CroMo
  • Cover: Microfiber
  • Ergonomic Core: BASF Infinergy® (E-TPU / Closed Cell Particle Foam)
  • Gender: men specific
  • max. load: 140kg (310 lb)