Miles Wide - Fork Cork Tire Plug Kit

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Miles Wide - Fork Cork Tire Plug Kit

No one wants to hear the dreaded sound of a tire “hissing” after you’ve put a big gash in it by striking a rock or root. Perhaps the only things that's worse is to realize you’re not carrying a plug kit, which can make for a very long walk home.

Don't be unprepared, get a Fork Cork Tire Plug Kit.

Specifically designed to fit the Fork Cork, it screws on and stores itself securely inside your forks steerer tube.

Each kit comes with an attachable Pin, 10 Plugs, a Rubber Band to keep everything nice and neat as well as an extra long stainless steal screw in case you already have the Fork Cork.

Don’t already have the Fork Cork? Then buy it as a complete kit and save yourself $5.