PNW Drop Bar Dropper Post Lever

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Elevate your gravel drop bar cockpit experience with the PNW Drop Bar Lever Kit, offering unparalleled customization. With two clamp size options, you create your perfect setup. For riders who prefer spending more time in the drops, the 24mm clamp can be conveniently mounted in the curve, ensuring smooth and easy access. Alternatively, the 31.8mmclamp sits on top of the handlebars, delivering a grip similar to the feel of a mountain bike, ideal for those seeking a familiar sensation.

Whether you need to swiftly maneuver your saddle out of the way during intense gravel race descents or simply desire a moment of relief while embarking on a speedy burrito run from your local brewery, the PNW Drop Bar lever has got you covered. Experience the freedom and versatility this lever provides, making your drop bar adventures even more enjoyable.


    • Works with cable actuated droppers
    • 24mm diameter clamp or 31.8mm diameter clamp
    • Includes cable and housing
    • PNW doesn't believe in waste: 100% recyclable packaging
    • Lifetime Warranty!