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  • PNW Loam Pedals

    We're not talking about a family of bears here. The Goldilocks Zone is a precise zone within the universe to sustain life. Well, technically, it's the right temperatures for water to remain liquid. Whatever. The new Loam Pedal is that zone. That perfect balance of the best elements to breathe new life into all of your rides.


    • Perfectly Planted
      • Just enough grip to feel planted in sketchy terrain, but not so much that you can't reposition your feet.
    • To Concave or not too Concave 
      • From the pins to pedal body the Loam Pedal gives you enough of a concave shape to let your shoe settle into it without stressing your feet on long rides.
    • Fresh Feet
      • Low-profile bearing sizes and locations eliminate hot spots so you can ride as long, or as short, as you want.


    • Weight: 445g per pair
    • Material: Forged and post-CNC'd 6061 aluminum
    • Bearings: Sealed cartridge and roller bearing
    • Platform Size: 105mm wide x 115mm long
    • Pins: 22 customer replaceable pins per pedal
    • Lifetime Warranty!

      Ships FAST, from Canada!