PNW Loam Carbon Handlebar

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The PNW Loam Carbon Handlebar. Carbon fiber is the optimal material to use for handlebars because it can be tuned to offer certain ride characteristics. The shape and quality of the carbon drastically impacts the feel and handling of the handlebar. After ride-testing their competitors, PNW knew they could take it further. That’s why they made The Loam Carbon Bar. Meticulously engineered with top-shelf carbon, anti-fatigue geometry and tuned for optimal comfort and performance. The Loam Carbon bar hits the sweet spot of vertical compliance to smooth out chatter and the ideal amount of horizontal stiffness for precise and predictable handling. It’s light (233g), yet strong enough for downhill and e-bikes. Get comfortable out of your comfort zone with the new The Loam Carbon bar.

Chill the Vibrations:

While developing The Loam Carbon bar, PNW identified that a great carbon bar needs to deliver the perfect balance of vertical compliance and horizontal stiffness. To achieve this, PNW developed their CBD layup (Patent Pending). Unlike questionable CBD gummies, PNW’s Compliant Bore Design (CBD) actually works and refers to the unique inside shape, layup and wall thickness of The Loam Carbon bar.  By utilizing EPS molding and FEA Analysis PNW was able to design a unique bore shape with a consisted inner texture optimizing wall thickness. This unique and smooth shape is what makes up PNW’s CBD layup.

Anti-Fatigue Geometry:

PNW’s geometry ideology perfectly complements the ever longer reach numbers of modern trail/enduro bikes by offering a slightly more upright ride, keeping your wrists and shoulders comfortable and fresh. PNW introduced this geometry on their alloy their Rage Handlebars, which received raving reviews from all types of riders. Like the much beloved PNW Range Gen 3 Handlebars, The Loam Carbon bars have a 5° of upsweep and 10° of backsweep, providing PNW’s signature comfy and slightly more upright position. Everyone’s fit and riding style is slightly different so PNW made The Loam Carbon bar available in a 25mm and 38mm of rise, allowing you to dial in your perfect fit.

Top Shelf Carbon:

Just like tequila, not all carbon is created equal, if you go for rail, you’re going to have a bad time and things will get bumpy. PNW uses pre-preg UD carbon fiber for the construction of The Loam Carbon bar. Pre-preg UD carbon is super strong, lightweight, and optimal for components that need to endure a lot of stress. The top-tier carbon manufacturer PNW partnered with weaves the carbon fiber in-house on an as needed basis, ensuring PNW gets the highest quality pre-preg UD carbon on the market. The PNW factory keep sheets of the pre-preg carbon refrigerated until they are ready to enter production, a rare process in many carbon factories. PNW carbon is fresh, fancy and won’t leave your hands and wrists with a hangover. Good times only!


  • Patent Pending CBD Layup
  • Material: Highest Quality pre-preg UD Carbon
    • Width: 800mm
      • Minimum cut width: 740mm
    • Clamp Diameter: 35mm, 31.8mm
    • Rise: 25mm or 38mm
    • Weight: 233g
    • 5° upsweep, 10° backsweep
    • Color: Matte black finish with satin Cement Grey PNW branding
      • Decal Kits available (HERE) in 9 colors
        • Safety Orange
        • Really Red
        • Fruit Snacks Purple
        • Seafood Teal
        • Pacific Blue
        • Peanut Butter
        • Moss Green
        • Moto Green
        • Black Out Black 
    • 3rd party lab certified, passing the global EFBE'S Tri-test for MTB Gravity Category 5 testing - strong enough for downhill and e-bike applications 
    • Lifetime warranty!