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  • PNW Loam Dropper Post

    PNW made this dropper post to honor riders’ most adventurous days on the trail. From the quadzilla climbs to the serpentine descents, the Loam Dropper capitalizes on PNW’s best-in-class reliability in their shortest, lightest, and most customizable package yet. The Loam also features swappable silicone bands that hug the midcap, giving you the opportunity to match your bike (or mood). You can grab one here: Loam Dropper Post Midcap Band


    • PNW's tool-less travel adjust system is designed to maximize the amount of drop for your particular inseam and bike model. It’s super easy to dial in and allows for a total of 25mm of travel reduction in 5mm increments.
    • An updated cold weather proof cartridge - providing you unparalleled reliability across all sorts of conditions. Plus, when it does come time to service it’s an easy no-mess process.
    • Adjustable Air Cartridge allowing riders to dial in and personalize the dropper's return rate
    • Lightweight - on average 40 grams than its predecessor 
    • Features a machined channel on the mid-cap that's home to a textured silicon band. You can find a range of matching colors here. 


    • Loam posts are spec'd with 1x black silicone band out of the box.
    • Travel Options: 125mm, 150mm, 170mm and 200mm
    • Diameter Options: 30.6mm, 31.6mm and 34.9mm
    • Weight: 125 Travel - 456 grams, 150 Travel -504 grams, 170mm travel- 532 grams, 200mm Travel - 576 grams 
    • Air Cartridge Style: Adjustable
    • Routing: Internal 
    • Seatpost Material: 7075 Alloy
    • Lever Compatability: Compatible with all PNW Levers and most cable-actuated levers from other brands 
    • Find installation manuals here
    • Lever NOT INCLUDED
    • Cable & housing NOT INCLUDED, you can purchase a PNW Cable Kit which includes the cable & cable housing HERE

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