PNW Puget 2x Dropper Post Lever

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The PNW Puget 2x Dropper Lever kit offers seamless compatibility with all PNW droppers, including the Cascade, Pine, Rainier, Loam, and Coast models. This lever is designed to be compatible with mountain bikes equipped with any drivetrain system, while specifically engineered to work seamlesly with front shifters.

Featuring a 22.2mm clamp handlebar mount, the Puget 2x lever provides a secure and adjustable fit on your handlebars. Equipped with two ports, it allows for fine-tuning  to suit your preferences and riding style.

With the Puget 2x lever kit, you can enjoy the convenience of a versatile lever that works flawlessly with your PNW dropper post, providing smooth and reliable operation. Whether you're tackling challenging trails or embarking on epic adventures, this lever ensures you can easily and efficiently adjust your dropper post while maintaining full control of your bike.


    • Clamp Styles: Standard MTB bar 22.2mm Clamp
    • Includes inner cable & housing
    • PNW doesn't believe in waste: 100% recyclable packaging
    • Lifetime Warranty!