PNW Range Handlebar Gen 3

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  • PNW Range Handlebar Gen 3

    Everyone loves a corndogs, right? Wrong! In a hotly contested debate, PNW learned that corn dogs aren’t for everyone. Which naturally brings us to the 31.8mm vs. 35mm diameter dispute. PNW held off on making a 35mm bar until the could turn one out that they wanted to ride themselves. Enter the Range Handlebar Gen 3, through a combo of 2014 aluminum and smart butting profiles, they made sure this larger diameter bar is an absolute dream to pilot.

    If you’re an OG who’s convinced change isn’t always good (and neither are corn dogs), they've got you too. The PNW Range Gen 3, tried and true 31.8mm is better than ever with an updated butting profile to make it even more comfortable.

    But how? Science? Physics? Geometry? Engineers are crafty. By widening the width of the bar from 780 to 800, PNW was able to extend those butting profiles and remove unnecessary material, reducing the weight of the previous Range Handlebar by as much as 25 grams.


    • Material: 2014-T73 heat treated alloy
    • Weight:
      • 31.8mm - 314g
      • 35mm - 310g
    • Width: 800mm
    • Clamp Diameter: 31.8mm or 35mm
    • Rise: 30mm
    • 5° upsweep, 10° backsweep
    • Find the installation manual here
    • Lifetime warranty!

    Ships FAST, from Canada!