Shimano XT M8110 Hubs - 32H, MICRO SPLINE, 12s, THRU Axle, Boost/Std

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    Shimano Deore XT Hub(s) - M8100 Series, MICRO SPLINE
    32 holes, E-THRU Axle - Front, Rear or Set

    Front: 110x15mm / 100x15mm (147g / 142g)
    Rear: 148x12mm / 142x12mm (307g / 305g)

    (Boost / Standard)

    The latest Shimano XT hubs are here, and they offer not only all of Shimano's latest racing innovations, but also choices.

    • MICRO SPLINE rear hub pairs with Shimano's latest 12s drivetrains and sprockets as small as 10T
    • CENTER LOCK spline mount enables quicker, easier and more precise disc brake rotor installation and results in a more rigid and efficient braking system
    • Quick Engagement boasts a max 7.0 degree rotation before engaging the drivetrain and delivers the best possible traction on the toughest trails
    • E-THRU Axle with Labyrinth & Contact Sealing saves weight, increases rigidity and performs optimally in even the most unfavourable conditions


      HB-M8110-B 32H - Front Hub - 110mm x 15mm (Boost)
      HB-M8110 32H - Front Hub - 100mm x 15mm
      32 spoke holes, 5.7mm Offset 
      44/44 P.C.D. (Pitch Circle Diameter)

      FH-M8110-B 32H - Rear Freehub - 148mm x 12mm (Boost)
      32 spoke holes, 6.6mm Offset 
      60/61 P.C.D. (Pitch Circle Diameter)

      FH-M8110 32H - Rear Freehub - 142mm x 12mm
      32 spoke holes, 6.72mm Offset 
      61/61 P.C.D. (Pitch Circle Diameter)

      Our thoughts:
      Keep in mind this is a THRU Axle hub and your frame needs to be compatible with one, while your disc brake rotors must have a CENTER LOCK mount.

      If you're looking for something with a quick release skewer for a 135mm rear, try this Shimano MICRO SPLINE QR hub. (link opens new tab)

      Not to be confused with:
      Deore XT 8110 Straight Spoke Hubs (FH-M8110-BS and HB-M8110-BS)
      Deore XT 8110 SuperBoost Hub (FH-M8130-B)



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