Shimano K05S-RX 2-Piston Resin pads (Y2GM98030)

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  • Shimano K05S-RX 2-Piston Resin pads (Y2GM98030)

    • NEW resin pads are 50% more durable than K03S predecessor!
    • Resin compound, for improved modulation & lower noise
    • Fits all Shimano flat mount gravel & road disc calipers, including Dura Ace BR-R9170, Ultegra BR-R8070, 105 BR-R7070, GRX BR-RX810 and BR-RX400
    • Also compatible with XTR BR-M9100 calipers
    • Interchangeable with L-type finned pads (except for XTR BR-M9100)
    • Pad Type: Narrow
    • Spring and PIN INCLUDED

    Compatible with:

    BR-M9100, BR-M9110, BR-M8110, BR-R9170-F, BR-R9170-R, BR-R8070-F, BR-R8070-R, BR-R7070-F, BR-R7070-R, BR-4770-F, BR-4770-R, BR-RS805-F, BR-RS805-R, BR-RS505-F, BR-RS505-R, BR-RS405-F, BR-RS405-R, BR-RS305-F, BR-RS305-R, BR-U5000-F, BR-U5000-R, BR-RX810-F, BR-RX810-R, BR-RX400-F, BR-RX400-R

    Compatible Series:

    XTR M9100 Series, DEORE XT M8100 Series, DURA-ACE R9150 Series, ULTEGRA R8050 Series, SHIMANO 105 R7000 Series, TIAGRA 4700 Series, METREA U5000 Series, GRX 11-speed, GRX 10-speed, CYCLOCROSS / ON-ROAD DISC BRAKE

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