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Simplify your chain waxing process with the Silca Strip Chip, an innovative approach that eliminates the need for harsh cleaners or degreasers. Use a StripChip square, a unique solution that enhances the waxing process without the traditional pre-cleaning steps:

How to Use the StripChip Method:

  1. Prepare Your Wax: Heat your pot of wax to the required temperature.

  2. Add StripChip: Drop a single StripChip square directly into the hot wax.

  3. Wax Your Chain: Submerge your chain in the wax pot with the StripChip for about 10 minutes. This allows the StripChip to effectively remove any grime or old lubricant directly in the wax, simplifying the process.

  4. Dry the Chain: After the waxing, remove the chain and hang it up to dry. This ensures that the wax sets evenly and hardens properly.

  5. Reuse Your Wax: The same pot of wax can be used for multiple waxing sessions. The StripChip helps keep the wax clean by encapsulating and settling the contaminants at the bottom of the pot, which can be removed or left undisturbed in subsequent uses.

This method is not only simpler and cleaner but also environmentally friendlier by reducing the use of solvents and chemicals. Whether you're a competitive cyclist or a recreational rider, this method streamlines the maintenance of your drivetrain, keeping your bike running smoothly and efficiently with minimal effort.


  • Oleogelation wax based formula
  • Eliminates the need for harsh degreasers
  • Use one chip per new chain with factory grease
  • Turns the grease into a wax like substance
  • No drop in performance
  • Go from chain in factory package to waxed chain in 10 minutes