Silca Ultimate Tubeless Tire Sealant w/ FiberFoam

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The Silca Ultimate Tubeless Tire Sealant w/ FiberFoam offers cutting-edge performance by utilizing a foaming latex formula enriched with chopped carbon fibers from recycled sources like bicycles, carbon wheels, racecars, and aircraft components. This innovative approach enhances the sealant's ability to plug holes, even at high pressures.

Key Features of SILCA Ultimate Tubeless Sealant:

  1. Enhanced Sealing Power: The sealant contains 5% by volume of 6, 9, and 12mm chopped carbon fibers, which are more effective than other materials like Kevlar or fiberglass in terms of fiber distribution and puncture sealing capability. The foaming latex allows the lightweight carbon fibers to disperse evenly within the sealant during a ride, optimizing its sealing effectiveness.

  2. Dynamic Puncture Sealing: As the sealant is carried to a puncture, thousands of micro-bubbles within the foam collapse, depositing stiff carbon fibers over the hole in a manner akin to a beaver dam, effectively blocking the leak. This method has been proven to seal holes up to 7.5mm—25% larger than what conventional technologies can handle.

  3. Reinforcement and Durability: After sealing, the affected area of the tire is reinforced with a carbon fiber-latex bridge that reduces the likelihood of future punctures. This feature makes SILCA sealant superior to those containing common additives like cornmeal or glitter.

  4. Low-Temperature Performance and Longevity: The high concentration of anti-freeze agents allows the sealant to function effectively at temperatures as low as -7 degrees Celsius (18 degrees Fahrenheit), and it remains effective for 7-9 months, depending on humidity levels.

Maintenance Tips:

  • Replenisher: To maintain optimal performance, a replenisher should be added every 90-120 days. This is also useful for very porous tires at initial setup to compensate for sealant loss through weeping sidewalls, which can reduce the sealant volume by up to 30% and accelerate its aging.

  • Special Considerations for Porous Tires: For tires with highly porous casings, such as those from Rene Herse, Veloflex, and Teravail, it's advised to add an extra ounce of sealant or a dose of replenisher post-installation to prevent premature drying.

Installation Advice:

  • Avoid CO2 and Talc: CO2 cartridges, compressor condensation, and talc powder can cause the sealant to harden and should be avoided during installation.

  • Recommended Rim Tape: For best results, use Tensilyzed Polypropylene (TPP) rim tapes which are more durable and abrasion-resistant than vinyl tapes. Brands like Stan's, Joe's, 3M, Tessa, and others make suitable options.

The SILCA Ultimate Tubeless Sealant is a highly sophisticated choice for cyclists seeking a reliable, high-performance solution to tire maintenance and puncture repair.


  • Effective down to 10F/ -12C
  • Seals up to 7.5mm holes for up to 6mo
  • Must be poured into tire during install
  • Not injector compatible (It seals holes bigger than
    your valve)
  • Use Replenisher every 90-120 days for best
  • 6, 9, and 12mm recycled carbon fibers are dispersed evenly by a foaming latex to create ultra strong seals
  • Made in the USA