Silca Wax Chain Stripper Prep Bundle

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If you're curious about the benefits of waxing your chain but haven't tried it yet, the Silca Wax Chain Stripper Prep Bundle is an ideal starter kit. This kit is perfect for cyclists looking to enhance their performance by reducing drivetrain friction—a common goal for those aiming to shave off seconds or chase after that elusive KOM.

Why Wax? Waxing the chain is acknowledged as one of the most effective ways to decrease friction in your drivetrain, which can help your bike operate more efficiently and swiftly. While the waxing process can be a bit tedious, it's well worth the effort for the gains in speed and efficiency.

What’s Included:

  1. Chain Stripper: This product efficiently cleans your chain by removing old lubricants and grease, setting a clean base for wax application.
  2. Super Secret Chain Lube: A top-tier wax-based lubricant, originally developed with insights from the IndyCar industry, which can be used both as an initial wax application and for regular top-ups to extend the life of the chain wax. It's designed to be the fastest lube available, ensuring minimal friction and maximum speed.

How to Use:

  • Start by applying the Chain Stripper to thoroughly cleanse your chain of any residues or old lubricant.
  • Once the chain is clean and dry, apply the Super Secret Chain Lube directly to the chain. This can be done for completely new waxing or as a maintenance top-up on an already waxed chain.

This Silca bundle is the easiest and most efficient introduction to chain waxing, offering everything you need to get started with this performance-enhancing technique. Whether you're a seasoned racer or a weekend warrior, this kit will help you achieve a smoother ride and potentially faster times.