TruckerCo High Performance DOT 4+ Brake Fluid

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TruckerCo High Performance DOT 4+ Brake Fluid. By far the most commonly used brake fluid in use today is DOT fluid, due to its wide use in the automotive industry. 


  • Higher Temperature Performance 500° DOT 4+
  • Low Viscosity Formula
  • Lower Moisture Absorbtion
  • Superior Low Temperature Flow
  • For ALL DOT 3, DOT 4 AND DOT 5.1 systems
  • Please see your brake manufacturer owner's manual for bleeding instructions, warranty and compatibility
  • Corrosive to paint and other surfaces.
  • Exceeds SAE J1705 / US 116 DOT / ISO 4925 Class 6 Specification.
  • 100% Made in The USA From American made materials, including bottle and label.
  • Available in 250ml (8.5 US fl oz) bottles